Clone Yourself Or Others, Monetize, And Get Traffic With Unlimited AI Videos
All Without Having To Be On Camera, Create Your Own Content, Or Sell Anything.

This is an information product on how to make this happen. You are not purchasing access to software.

Insert Yourself, Friends, Celebrities, Imaginary People Or Things

Into Stunning High Quality Professional Looking True AI Video, Limited Only By Your Imagination!


Welcome To AI CLONE

Just Type In A Few Keywords And Watch As Artificial Intelligence
“Magically” Creates Your AI Video Clones Within Seconds!

Special message from James Below explaining all that this does. 

AI Clone Opens Up A Whole New
Scalable World Of Opportunities.

Use this to make money by people watching the videos, or selling the videos as a service.

Imagine how much people would pay you to turn them into “clones” that work for them 24 hours a day on the Internet.

This is about giving the world the ability to create true AI Videos exactly how THEY want.

Now you give them those videos on demand and get paid.

Normally with videos you have to:

  • Buy expensive editing tools
  • Come up with ideas for content
  • Taking time to edit
  • Pay someone a lot of money to make videos for you
  • Have imposter syndrome because you don’t know much about the subject you create videos for
  • Have to be on camera

No one wants to do these steps.

All of this is Solved with AI Clone

All you have to do is give it a subject. You get your video dialogue to make people want to watch your videos like crazy.

It then puts in your literal voice or voice of your choosing without you speaking into the video along with your photo or photo of your choice. 

Hear From AI Clone

You don’t even need to use an image

With So Little Time & Effort Commitment,

Nothing Can Stop You From Creating The
AI video content You Have Always Dreamed Of.

That is the power of the AI Clone system.

AI clone is so impressive because for the 1st time ever you can literally clone yourself and others for profit.

As of February 1st YouTube has now allowed for the monetization of shorts.In general, YouTube pays out 68% of its advertising revenue.

That means that in 2023 they are set to pay out over 20 billion dollars to people like you and I that have videos getting views to videos that are less than a minute long! 

Youtubes Revenue Projection
In Billions Per Quarter

AI clone will let you grab your
piece of the pie in a major way.

With 30 billion views a day that are JUST NOW
monetizable you can crush it with AI Clone.

To give you a little history I have put out many products over the years and I talk to my buyers all of the time.

There are things that I hear consistently that people want.

  • Most people don’t want to be on camera.
  • Most people want to make money.
  • Most people don’t want to have to sell anything.
  • Most people don’t want to have to do real work.

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work hard, be on camera, sell things or not care about money.

What I am saying is that AI clone makes it that this is all taken care of for you!

When you take the power of your very own AI Clone along with the fact that people will pay you crazy money for something like this and getting paid by Youtube to not even sell anything it truly is unbelievable.

Earlier In The Sales Page You See A Video Of Me. That Is My Picture. That Is My Voice. 

Yet I never actually spoke those words!

That is one of the huge takeaways of AI Clone.

This system allows you to have content created with your own voice to make a video.

You are not actually on the video! And it isn’t just one clone.

You can do this over and over again for any person or thing! Any image you want, any voice you want, any dialogue you want.

In fact the dialogue is created all by AI!

AI can create the image, the voice, and the content people want to see and hear for you. It is like hiring your own copywriter, graphic designer, traffic guru but at the push of a button.

You want the voice to be
from a famous person?

No problem.

Click the play button below to hear from a special guy

You want the voice to be completely unique?

No problem.

Male, female? it doesn't matter. Click the play button below

The sky is the limit because you are able to create videos on demand without you
being on video along with the content being automatically generated. 

With a couple of keystrokes you are getting videos created that generate tons of traffic for any niche.

These quick little videos are now monetizable without selling anything! Just by people watching these videos you get paid.

Do you want a dragon to tell a unique story that would appeal to kids?


Click the play button above to hear James' fairytale. 

Do you want a video created that will go viral about how to make money online done by Mike Tyson in his voice?


Click the play button above to hear from "AI Mike" Tyson!!!

Do you want a video for a local Car dealership created that will sell more cars with the clone of the owner?


Click the play button above for the commercial of your dreams.

You have to start thinking of the possibilities.

AI Clone Example

  • You can use this for yourself or anyone else.
  • You can create your own business selling AI Videos.
  • You can make these videos in seconds.

People charge crazy money for
what you can now do in seconds.

You aren’t editing videos from other people’s content.

You can actually create it for them and charge more!


It isn’t just about providing a service.

That is ONE way to profit from this.

If you want traffic to your own offer or affiliate offer this will bring it to you.

You can literally get paid to make videos that are under a minute long.

Youtube Shorts just started monetizing short videos on February 1st.

This is the first tool that lets you get views for any niche on demand to start getting paid without selling anything and without creating your own content!.

All without having to use your own voice, be on camera, or have anything to sell!

The content can be less than one minute and you can drive thousands to millions of views in a short amount of time.

You don’t have to think about ideas. You just tell the AI to create whatever content you want. The AI spits it out and then you have a done for you video.

Remember you can have as many different variations and videos that you want!

AI Clone Example

Those watching the videos don’t need to know that the person talking isn’t even you.

You can have any online persona that you want.

There are different aspects of this that will resonate with different people in different ways.

  • Some people are going to love the fact that you can monetize these quick videos in a new way. We are talking about videos that are less than 1 minute long!
  • Some people are going to love all of the traffic they will get from any niche that they want! These are real eyeballs for people that are into whatever it is that you are selling.
  • Some people will use this for affiliate marketing. You can sell anything with this.
  • Some people will push the traffic to offline businesses.
  • Some people will create an agency creating videos for people.

The power is yours. Use it for what you want!

The gold rush is on to dominate this.

How do you do it?

You do it with AI Clone.

Remember this isn’t necessarily about YOU being the clone. You can clone anything and as many times as you want!

Either by using your own image to get views and your own voice or use any other image and voice to start creating content.

You can even use other people’s content in clever ways to generate traffic of your own.

Remember the AI gets trained with your voice once and then using AI you could have it talk for as long as you want and as many times as you want.

Quickly train it once and have your AI Clone talk forever!

On top of that we use AI to literally create the content.

The AI is creating the unique viral content and putting the voice of your choice into these videos.
This is a video creation system like nothing you have ever seen.

Even though this is extremely simple there are several components to this.
 AI Clone is an information course on how to do exactly this process.

AI Clone Example

You don’t have to spend all of this time trying to think of an idea, then try and make a video.

That takes a ton of time. Now you just tell it to do it and it is done.
Immediately you have a traffic generating machine that is making you money.

  • Use this to drive traffic to whatever offer you want.
  • Use this to build a crazy audience
  • Use this to make money with people just watching your videos.
  • Use this to provide a video creation service and make bank.
  • Use this to drive traffic to local businesses.

Clone yourself or others (either real or fictional) over and over again without having to show yourself on camera or speak in real life.. Let the trained AI know your voice very quickly and have it say whatever you want.

The bottom line is the market wants AI Video. The Market wants true traffic and monetization. AI CLONE gives the market what it wants!!!

Tell the AI what you want on a video And

BOOM! Your AI clone is talking away.

You are literally making your clone work 24 hours a day by producing unique content that people want to see.

Get content, video views, and monetization directly from AI Clone.

The power is now in your hands.

Once you pick it up you are shown exactly how to do this. By the end of the day start generating views, and making profit.

Another no image example

Inside AI Clone

We’re going to walk you through step-by-step, EXACTLY how to do it.

We show you where to point, where to click, what to type and everything in between.

Once you get access to AI Clone (using the button below), there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from crushing it with your very own AI Clones.

You’ll leave people absolutely stumped at how you are able to do this for yourself and others.

Watch their eyes pop out of their head when you show them the incredible ai videos you created in seconds.

All while having the ability to make a boatload of money in the process.

Use this power for whatever you want!

Please only use this for good purposes.

With all of the traffic you are going to receive it is important that you send it to quality offers.

  • No tech skills or experience needed.
  • This works anywhere in the word in ANY language.
  • Seconds of your time for evergreen results.

Simply click the order button below and you’ll be taken directly to the order form where you can enter your payment information and check out.

Once you’ve completed checkout you’ll be given instant access to the system and start creating your own AI Video Clones!

AI Clone Example In Another Language (spanish). It can be ANY language!!

Translation in English "There is massive opportunity selling products and services in different languages other than English. Don't speak any other languages? That's ok because AI will just do all the work for you!"

Do not take time on your decision as the price is rising with every sale.

As soon as you pick it up you are immediately directed to the AI Clone course which shows you exactly how to produce your very own clones.

Get it now!


See you on the inside,

James Renouf


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